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Wed, March 21 | 7:00pm
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Flow Tribe

Fri, August 18 | 10:00pm

About Flow Tribe

Offbeat Magazine writes:

The guys of Flow Tribe were high school buddies at Brother Martin, and they started jamming on bassist Chad Penot’s back porch the summer after their graduation. Along with O’Rorke, Penot and drummer Russel Olschner were Blake Quick on guitar and vocals, Bryan Santos on guitar, and John-Michael Early on harmonica. “We started playing and getting some different things together,” O’Rorke says. “Gradually we were like, ‘Okay, this has evolved. We’re actually making songs and stuff.’”
Unfortunately, the band almost ceased to exist just as they were beginning to create their sound. After 2004, the group split up because they were attending different colleges. To add to that, Olschner was deployed to Iraq and left for boot camp in August 2004, made a brief return that November, and was deployed in January 2005 with the 141st Washington Artillery out of Jackson Barracks. “I didn’t have a [drum] set over there,” Olschner says, “so I missed playing for a year.”

What should have been a joyous return home for Olschner was instead one of heartbreak. He got back to New Orleans on September 16, 2005, a few weeks after Hurricane Katrina left devastation in his city. “Damn, it was hard to come home to that,” he says. “It was a rough time for all the guys in my unit and our city.”
What could have ended Flow Tribe only inspired the guys to work harder. “It gave us renewed focus,” O’Rorke says. “It really just made us think about what our goals are going to be for the band and how hard we wanted to pursue it. Everything we’ve done since 2005 has been making sure the band was doing everything we could to get it off the ground.”
The six friends picked up where they left off upon Olschner’s return. They started jamming again at his parents’ gutted house in Algiers. Flow Tribe then started playing at Friar Tuck’s on Sunday nights in Spring 2006. “It was such a relief to get that musical fix,” Olschner says. “From there, we never stopped.”
“There’s the one kind of funk element that unites all of us,” O’Rorke says. The group sees itself as part of the New Orleans tradition, and they want to stand on the shoulders of that tradition. “We want to represent New Orleans, but at the same time, we don’t want to just be a ‘New Orleans’ band. We want people to enjoy the music for what it is, even if they’re not familiar with New Orleans.”
About Boss:
Billboard Writes:
Flow Tribe and Mannie Fresh hit the roller rink in the hilarious visual for their funky offering "You Know What It's About." Produced by the Cash Money legend, the song marks the first single off the Tribe's forthcoming album BOSS. 
Launched in 2004, the New Orleans-bred band -- comprised of K.C. O’Rorke (vocals, trumpet), John-Michael Early (harmonica, washboard, vocals, keyboard), Russell Olschner (drums), Chad Penot (bass, vocals), Bryan Santos (guitar, timbales), and Mario Palmisano (guitar) -- infuse R&B, soul, rock and hip-hop into their lively jams. 
"Flow Tribe is a great bunch of New Orleans guys who have that funkiness to them," fellow NOLA native Fresh tells Billboard over e-mail. "Working with them was a pleasure and I see a lot great things coming from them now and down the line. We had a great time working on this current project and I see it doing Big things! (Everything BIG)." 

Adds K.C. of Flow Tribe: "Collaborating with Mannie Fresh on BOSS was a dream experience. He is someone who the band always held in the highest regard for his incredible musicality and production skills. He brought out the best in Flow Tribe and pushed our music to the next level. It's a beautiful thing when New Orleans' musicians get together and cook up that fire!"

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